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Statement by Lithuania at the 8th OEWGA on Ageing session

Created: 2017.07.06 / Updated: 2017.07.06 01:19

Honourable Chairperson,

Distinguished delegates,

Older people in Lithuania meet age related challenges, and the task of the Government is to assist them and to give considerable attention for the issues related to the ageing society. In Lithuania older people are encouraged to take part in social, economic, political and cultural life by ensuring representation of their interests.

I would like to mention the new social model which is about to be implemented in Lithuania and which entails important reforms in the areas of social security, employment and labour relations. A package of legal acts was prepared for the implementation of the social model. One of them is the new Labour Code, which came in effect in July 2017. This law provides extended list of different types of employment contracts, more flexible forms of organisation of work and regulation of working hours which will be beneficial not only to employers but also to older employees.

We try to improve the situation of older people in the labour market by implementing employment policy which targets to promote employment for all those who are able and willing to work. Active labour market and special measures are being implemented. One of them is the project “Support for the elderly unemployed”. This project will contribute to matching of labour supply and demand and increasing employment of the elderly unemployed.

With the aim of promoting involvement of older persons and reducing social exclusion, the Action Plan of Motivation of Elderly People and Promotion of Voluntary Activities was approved in 2016. The purpose of this plan is to increase participation of older persons in the labour market and voluntary activities by creating favourable conditions to solve social and civil issues.

In the area of education the best international practice was used to develop the activities of universities of the third age, thus seeking to ensure that every willing older person could participate in the activities of universities of the third age, develop their competences and take part in public life.

A special programme targeted at improving health of older people was approved in the area of health protection. This programme focuses on health education of older persons.

The Lithuanian Government attaches great importance to the role of civil society, including NGOs of older persons. In line with this approach, government programme focuses in particular on social integration, promotion of non-governmental organisations.  It also prioritizes the inclusion of NGOs into all institutional forms of partnership at all levels and in all stages.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I sincerely hope that this meeting will provide us with an opportunity not only to share the good practices, but will also inspire us to take relevant steps to further encourage older people to take part in social, economic, political and cultural life.

Thank you for your attention.

Delivered by Mr. Steponas Kulbauskas, Head of Family Policy Division, Ministry of Social Security and Labour

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Mr. President,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Lithuania ratified the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and its Optional Protocol in 2010 and has since taken measures to ensure its effective implementation and to guarantee quality life for persons with disabilities. Lithuania’s first implementation report was submitted in April 2016.

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